Monday, March 3, 2008

Chicken, tomatoes, and mushrooms

Sorry about the delay again, but I wasn't cooking anything interesting. I cooked spaghetti, with our favorite, Ragu sauce, not much cooking involved. Then we made tacos, we used the Meijer brand taco kit, which was terrible!!!! From now on we will stick with the Taco Bell brand kit or go free style with our taco making. The above photo is Chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms, we LOVE it, it is so easy to make, it doesn't take much time and it's pretty healthy. The recipe is at just look up chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Horseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherd's Pie

This is Horseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherd's Pie, it was pretty good, Jason LOVED it, but then he does love stuff like that. If you want to try it just search the recipe on Rachael Ray dot com again. It was fairly easy to make, but somewhat time consuming, but I am a slow chopper, so that could just be me. But you do have to make the mashed potatoes first then the meat goodness. This also has parsnips in it, that and the horseradish were my favorite part. Jason called the parsnips white carrots, because he is an idiot.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Night Enchiladas

These were fabulous!! We are very happy to find another recipe that doesn't involve meat, since we are trying to eat less. This recipe also includes a ton of heart healthy garlic, good for your bowels cannellini beans. Also, Tracy, this can be made vegan really easily. Sooo, if anyone is interested, just go to Rachael Ray dot com and search for Garlicky Bean Enchiladas.

Saturday Night Chili Fever.

This is extremely delicious Chili, due 50% to Katie and 50% to Jason, we are Chili making partners in life. I added some, then he added some, and then I restrained myself from adding some more. It has diced tomatos, onions, garlic, ground beef, pasta, jalapenos, Red Gold Chili beans, Black beans, sugar, Tastefully Simple Wahoo Chili powder and Shiner Bock (an awesome beer that is pretty hard to come by). Our chili is totally different everytime we make it. Last night was a good night.

The kinda distant past....

The top photo is a picture of Taco Twist, which consists of ground beef, taco seasoning, green pepper, tomato sauce, pasta, cheese and sour cream. If anyone is taken with this idea let me know and I'll post the recipe. It's pretty good! The next photo is Green Chili Stew, it is a slow cooker meal, with stew beef and green chili. I honestly didn't like it enough to post the recipe. (as I would have to type it, it came out of a magazine.)


Sorry about the long delay! I'll try to do better in the future. I have a few pictures from the past and I'm going to post the picture of our dinner tonight and hopefully will post all of our meals this week.
Here's our menu:
Garlicky Enchiladas
Taco Rice
Horseradish-Mashed-potato Shephards Pie
Chicken, Tomatos & Mushrooms
Garlic Bread
Taco Rice

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Honey-Dijon Chicken

Honey-Dijon Chicken is one of my favorite dinners, it is never dry and it has a wonderful flavor. I actually follow this recipe exactly and it always turns out delicious. It is a very simple recipe and there really isn't all that much about it that needs explained.